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Featured Review

I love this title! Basically is the same as its computer counterpart, SimCity 3000, but with one, unique and great difference: it's 3d! The city rotates and moves quickly with no slowdowns all through the game. taking advantage of rewritable capability of the disks it features a file manager that allows you to save lot of cities... and pics! Yes, pics of you talking with citizens of your city, or landscapes or even monuments! Unlike ALL the other SimCity titles, in Simcity 64 you don't meet people by clicking on the icons, but actually going down the road in a beautiful first person view!! It's like living the city you created, you can stop people at bus stops and hear what they say, from old ladies to young kids! You can also take pictures of your city with sunset, night, sun and rain, all thanks to the built-in clock in the 64 DD unit! Then, following the idea of Nintendo in transforming the Nintendo 64 in a home-computer, you can export pictures to Mario Artist: paint Studio and edit them as you like.

Author: negativo