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For some people, being trapped in a carnivalÚ would be like a dream. Unfortunately, for five kids who have been captured by the wicked masters of CARNIVALE, it's more like a nightmare! In order to escape the park, you as each kid at various points of the game must defeat each of the masters of Carnivale in a top-down race through a different section of the park. If you?re lonely, link up with a buddy and race through the weird amusement park environments.

In CARNIVALE for Nintendo 64, you must escape the grasp of a wicked group of carnival masters! The masters of Carnivale have captured an unfortunate group of kids and are holding them in separate areas of the park. Playing as each of the five kids (at different points), you?ll challenge the wicked masters to a duel for your freedom. The duels come in the form of races through each of the bizarre sections of the Carnivale, which you must win in order to gain your freedom. Each of the five events takes the form of a top-down race through brightly colored and spooky locations filled with traps and other obstacles. You can also hook up with a friend for head-to-head racing through the strange park. Can you win your freedom from this terrifying carnival of evil?

Your friends have been trapped in the mystical CarnivalÚ amusement park. It's up to you to save them! You must race for their freedom across 5 wild levels. Beat a level and your friend is freed. Lose a race and your friend is captured again! Join Ginger, Eddy, Milly, Cenzo, Cat, and the rest in the eerie world of CARNIVAL?.

* 8 mysterious areas
* Adventure Mode - Explore the park grounds and rides to discover the secrets of CarnivalÚ.
* Race Mode - 2 player race against the computer or a friend.
* 5 Boss characters to defeat
* 4 unique CarnivalÚ Midway games
* Wild assortment of racing weapons and power-ups
* Unlock secret races and tracks
* 6 characters each with different stats to race as
* 5 rides to race on: Super Rat Ride, Bumper Bugs, River Caves, Ghost Train, Penny Arcade
* voice playback and digital audio sound effects
* track shortcuts, rider-triggered gates and walls, speed boosts, and more