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the choice of the adaptor
Posted on: 2010/4/3 18:26
2010/2/6 15:13
Posts: 2
I've got an adaptor for foreign games, but it doesn't work for games out later than Banjo-Kazooie, so I've got to buy an other adaptor... I've seen Universal Games Adaptor v4 and Passport III, but which is the best of these?

Re: the choice of the adaptor
Posted on: 2010/4/3 19:39
2006/9/11 20:10
Posts: 61
Hi, I keep this short:

Best choice: Bulk N64 Console - Your Power Supply Unit works fine with it, no need to change it. 100% compatibility with all games. +- 25Ç / $ for Bulk unit.

Second choice: Blaze v4 - Very good compatibility - Expensive +- 60 Ç / $

Re: the choice of the adaptor
Posted on: 2010/4/7 12:47
2007/6/28 9:41
Posts: 31
I had a Passport III, it was alright until it just stopped working. Apparantly i'm not the only who had that, so i'd say it's not reliable.

I use the Universal Games Adaptor v4 ever since and i must say i'm quite pleased with it. I haven't encountered any problems and it's relativily cheap (i believe it's somewhere around €25 or so).

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