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NeoFlash N64 Myth is out!

After years of development, Neoflash have released their N64 Myth, an USB N64 Flash cartridge.

* Supports N64 Roms up to 512 MBit
* 100% compatability
* Uses NEO2 cart to store Roms
* Supports all save types natively
* Upload/overwrite game save to PC via USB
* Multi-CIC support, can use any N64 cart to boot
* Multi game support, you can download 2 games at the same time and swap the game via a switch
* CPLD logic core upgradeable through the NDP upgrade kit
* SD and real multi game support under development

I will review it as soon as I reveice my unit.

N64 Myth
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 Re: NeoFlash N64 Myth is out!
Postad: 10-01-07 19:18, Uppdaterad: 10-01-07 19:18
Excellent! Death to emulators!