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Batch Game Rating Script

In the user menu bar on top of the site, you can now find a link to a batch game rating form (unter the "Submit" tab). This now allows our registered users to quickly rate games all on one site, instead of having to go to each game site to submit a rating. You can rate released N64 and 64DD games as well as unreleased N64 games of which ROM dumps were publically released.

I think that user ratings are a pretty good representation of a game's quality. The more people vote, the more accurate, meaningful and important the average scores (and this site) become.

Therefore, all our current and future users are warmly invited to submit scores for the games he or she has played to fortify the reference status of and its community. Thank you!
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 Re: Batch Game Rating Script
Posted: 2010/2/5 4:42, Updated: 2010/2/5 4:42
hope i could remember what i played back in the day, i know i played at least 200 of them between 1996 & 2000. gonna be hard to remember everything, hehe ! i'll do my best.