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Sydney 2000 ROM released

And once again Team CARROT brings you an unreleased ROM release! This time it's both the US and european versions of Sydney 2000, which was released for PlayStation, Dreamcast and Windows PC, but cancelled for N64.

Title: Sydney 2000
Date: 05/09/2010
Company: ATD
Area: USA & Europe
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 256 MBits
Supplier: CARROT
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 Re: Sydney 2000 ROM released
Posted: 2010/9/6 16:02, Updated: 2010/9/6 16:02
w0w Where?

 Re: Sydney 2000 ROM released
Posted: 2010/9/9 14:38, Updated: 2010/9/9 14:38
That's what i was wondering as well.

 Re: Sydney 2000 ROM released
Posted: 2010/9/13 13:50, Updated: 2010/9/13 13:50
Where? "The scene". Aka "the usual places". ;-)

Since posting a download link would be in a legal grey area, you'll have to google your way, sorry.

 Re: Sydney 2000 ROM released
Posted: 2010/9/14 12:16, Updated: 2010/9/14 12:16
Thanks, I'm sleeping, jeje.