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Site starts slowly... very slowly

First of all I want to wish everybody a happy new year!
Well, it has now been two weeks since the site launched and the feedback of users is not overwhelming, but satisfying I'd say, more than we expected for a 64DD site ;) At the moment of this news post we have 27 users, of which at least a handful seems very passionate.
Beside some work in the background and adding some info and a FAQ/Translation guide by CrowTRobo to the games section, I have not yet been able to add very much content to the site. I am pretty busy at the moment, but be ensured that there will be new stuff soon enough. I am asking you, our readers, to share your game reviews, articles or whatever with the rest of the world and help this site grow. I am also talking about N64 reviews and stuff, since I am already working on the N64 content. Thanks.

On a site note, several people have registered but not yet activated their account and emailed me that they are not able to log in. So to make it clear, you have to activate your account first by clicking a link which you can find in the e-mail our system sends you after you completed the registration. This is to prevent people from creating accounts with fake e-mail adresses, so remember to give a valid one when registering ;P
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