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Turok - Rage Wars (U) (v1.1)

Title: Turok - Rage Wars (v1.1)
Date: 02/03/2012
Company: Acclaim
Area: USA
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 64 MBITs
Supplier: YECA

The rabbit strikes again.

When we believe it to stop, well it goes again.

To the delight of fans of Turok, here is version 1.1 of the game.

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 Re: Turok - Rage Wars (U) (v1.1)
Enviado: 12/03/2012 0:32, Actualizado: 12/03/2012 0:32
What the difference between this version and the older one ?

 Re: Turok - Rage Wars (U) (v1.1)
Enviado: 14/03/2012 21:36, Actualizado: 14/03/2012 21:36

 Re: Turok - Rage Wars (U) (v1.1)
Enviado: 19/03/2012 11:18, Actualizado: 19/03/2012 11:18
I would be surprised if anyone had really done an in-depth comparison of both versions to be able to give an answer... Most likely Acclaim just fixed a few small errors.

 Re: Turok - Rage Wars (U) (v1.1)
Enviado: 02/04/2012 1:10, Actualizado: 02/04/2012 1:10
there was a glitch in the multiplayer mode where you could not finish all the levels and always die. the grey cart were suposed to fix this but it's only since recently that we've heard about the existence of these fixed version.