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Ronaldinho Soccer 64 (Brazil) (Pirate)

Another delightful weekend with a new rom that comes from Brazil. Thank you to the Team Carrot!

Title: Ronaldo Soccer 64
Date: 15/04/2012
Company: Konami/Twin Eagles Group
Area: Brazil
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 64 MBITs
Supplier: YECA
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 Re: Ronaldinho Soccer 64 (Brazil) (Pirate)
Posted: 2012/4/16 19:49, Updated: 2012/4/16 19:49
A Brazilian N64 pirate? That comes surprising!

Funnily, the game stars Ronaldo on the title screen, not Ronaldinho as the game's name suggests.

Besides the title screen, I noticed there are Brazilian speech samples and real player names. Which other differences can you people spot?

 Re: Ronaldo Soccer 64 (Brazil)
Posted: 2012/4/24 15:43, Updated: 2012/4/24 15:43
I couldn't see this one coming! So it really exists heh? Congrats Team Carrot!