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News & Updates:


GLideN64 crowdfunding

Today, I invite you to participate in crowdfunding for GLideN64 graphics plugin. Small or large participation at your convenience, until September.


Super Mario 64 Disk Edition has been discovered

Jimmy130 has gotten his hands on a copy of the 64DD version of Super Mario 64 and posted a few shots of it in comparison with a retail 64DD disk on his blog. Apparently, this disc was originally shown at Shoshinkai '96. More details about the "Super Mario 64 Disk Edition" are said to be revealed on his blog soon. We certainly can't wait to learn about the actual disk contents!


Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - Unreleased PAL

For those who like Indiana Jones, this is a new dump never released in PAL version by Team Carrot. I never reiterate enough, if you have any unreleased N64 games, do enjoy the community of fans.

Title: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - Unreleased PAL
Date: 04/06/2014
Company: LucasArts
Area: Europe
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 256 MBITs
Supplier: Gilgamesh

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (Prototype)

The first ROM release of 2014 is in! Micro-64 have dumped and released a near final version of "Star Wars Shadows of the Empire". Find their write-up plus the download link here.

Doshin the Giant - Japanese Guide Book

It is two weeks late, but here I post the Japanese guide for Doshin the Giant. A scan performed by our member Pookic.

Click the image to download the guide.