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Welcome to!
Your N64 and 64DD info and media source and community site.

With this website, we aim to build the biggest Nintendo 64 and Nintendo 64DD media and information database on the net as well as a strong community of N64 fans.

Enjoy your stay!

News & Updates:


New server & videos has just moved to the new server, thanks to our friends at Emedian for that! There are also some new unreleased and beta videos up:
"Conker's Quest" Video from E3 '99
(13.52 MB, 1:23 Min.)
"Dinosaur Planet" Promo Video
(15.84 MB, 1:37 Min.)
"Dracula 3D" Early Castlevania 64 Video
(5.16 MB, 0:31 Min.)
"Eternal Darkness" N64 Version Promo Video
(3.87 MB, 0:34 Min.)

Important Announcement will be moved to the servers of the Emedian Group some time in the next months. I am planning to rebuild the site in Xoops, just like I am doing it with Planet Virtual Boy at the moment.
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Games section update

A little update to the Games section with a bunch of new unreleased games.

Unreleased N64 game footage

I've ripped a bunch of videos of unreleased Nintendo 64 games which you've probably never seen before. There are:
"Acclaim Sports Soccer" Promo Video
(5.06 MB, 0:31 Min.)
"Jest" Promo Video
(3.44 MB, 0:21 Min.)
"Mini Racers" Promo Video from NSW '99
(9.11 MB, 0:56 Min.)
"Riqa" Promo Video from E3 '99
(2.93 MB, 0:18 Min.)
"Twelve Tales: Conker 64" Promo Video
(3.68 MB, 0:22 Min.)

Hardware Section updated

I updated the Hardware section with a page for the 64DD and every accessory for it, using descriptions provided by negativo. This is something like a first revision since I will update the info later and also add a site about the 64DD Dev Kit. I am a bit short on time at the moment and will most likely be for another month or longer, so the next updates might take a while. I am also thinking of redesigning the site a bit since the system it is now running on seems to be very slow sometimes...