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Welcome to!
Your N64 and 64DD info and media source and community site.

With this website, we aim to build the biggest Nintendo 64 and Nintendo 64DD media and information database on the net as well as a strong community of N64 fans.

Enjoy your stay!

News & Updates:


N64 Releases

05/10/23 Turok - Rages of Wars - Eur (M3) - CARROT
05/10/23 Frogger 2 (Alpha) - USA - CARROT
05/10/23 Duke Nukem 64 - Fr - CARROT
05/10/23 Doom - USA - (v1.1) - CARROT
05/11/01 Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2000 - JPN - (V1.1) - CARROT

New N64 Releases

While the site has been down, some gems have been released to the N64 community by the Carrot guys. There are final US and EUR versions of the unreleased game O.D.T., and, just out, a preview copy of Majora's Mask!

05/09/25 O.D.T_PAL-CARROT
05/09/25 O.D.T_USA-CARROT
05/10/04 Zelda MM Preview_USA-CARROT

Even More Videos

While the relaunch is still being prepared here are some more videos of unreleased N64 games. You need the DivX codec to view them.
"Final Fantasy 64" Tech Demo
(31.19 MB, 5:21 Min.)
"Renegade Racers" USA Promo
(6.46 MB, 1:08 Min.)
"Resident Evil 0" USA Promo
(1.83 MB, 0:24 Min.)
"Mother 3" Trailer
(4.80 MB, 0:47 Min.)

New server & videos has just moved to the new server, thanks to our friends at Emedian for that! There are also some new unreleased and beta videos up:
"Conker's Quest" Video from E3 '99
(13.52 MB, 1:23 Min.)
"Dinosaur Planet" Promo Video
(15.84 MB, 1:37 Min.)
"Dracula 3D" Early Castlevania 64 Video
(5.16 MB, 0:31 Min.)
"Eternal Darkness" N64 Version Promo Video
(3.87 MB, 0:34 Min.)

Important Announcement will be moved to the servers of the Emedian Group some time in the next months. I am planning to rebuild the site in Xoops, just like I am doing it with Planet Virtual Boy at the moment.
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