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Your N64 and 64DD info and media source and community site.

With this website, we aim to build the biggest Nintendo 64 and Nintendo 64DD media and information database on the net as well as a strong community of N64 fans.

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News & Updates:


Dezaemon DD fundraiser

Brandon Williams, aka willis82, is preparing to release dumps of his recently discovered, unreleased Nintendo 64DD expansion to the Japan exclusive shooter game creator Dezaemon 3D, three different builds in total. To get at least a part of his investments back (not to mention his efforts in dumping these disks), he is now running a fundraiser with a goal to reach towards the release of $1,200.

If you want to help Brandon preserving this precious part of videogame history, you can paypal to

The fundraiser is happening both here and on, the fundraiser status will be posted and kept up-to-date on both sites.

Bomberman Hero released on the Virtual Console

The classic and unusual Bomberman game has hit the Wii Virtual Console at the price of 1000 Wii Points!

Unlike other Bomberman games, Bomberman Hero is a 3D adventure game where you explore planet to planet, and run through 3D levels, blowing up enemies, finding new areas, and defeating bosses to save a captive Princess.

One day, out of nowhere, a spaceship crash-lands on Planet Bomber. Journeying to the Peace Mountains to investigate, Bomberman encounters Pibot, the dazed robot pilot. According to Pibot, the evil Garaden Empire attacked Primus Star and kidnapped Princess Millian from Pibot's escape ship.

Hearing this, Bomberman vows to save the princess, even if he has to travel the length of the galaxy to do it. Bomberman is equipped with an infinite supply of bombs and can count on a variety of upgrades to aid him in his quest. His search for the princess takes him to five exciting planets, reuniting him with his old friend Louie and uncovering new items.

Fly, swim, shoot and bomb your way through the galaxy and save Princess Millian!

Dezaemon DD has been found!

Three development discs containing three different builds of the Nintendo 64DD expansion to the Japan exclusive shooter game creator Dezaemon 3D have recently been found by willis82, marking the first ever discovery of an unreleased 64DD title. He has now shared videos of all versions which can be found on this Youtube channel. Below you can see the latest of the three builds, dated to April 1998.

It's coming even better, since willis82 plans to dump and release his treasures. Details on this and a fundraiser to cover the enourmous amount of money that had to be invested to aquire the discs are to be announced. Keep up to date in our forum.

Scans of Official Nintendo Space World Guide Books released

Here's a nice piece of Nintendo history for you: scans of the official guide books from Nintendo Space World '99, 2000 and 2001. Thanks go out to MasterOfPuppets for scanning the guide books, as well as gilgamesh for a generous donation towards acquiring them. Additional donations came from KillerGoD and MasterOfPuppets. Thanks!

Click any of the following images to download the respective guide book:

Nintendo Space World 99 Official Guide Book Nintendo Space World 2000 Official Guide Book Nintendo Spaceworld 2001 Official Guidebook

F1 Racing Championship - NTSC Version

To think that Team Carrot never sleeps, a new Brazilian dump.

F1 Racing Championship - NTSC Version - CARROT

Title: F1 Racing Championship
Date: 12/02/2011
Company: Ubi Soft
Area: Brazil
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 128 MBits
Supplier: CARROT