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Välkommen till 64DD.net!
Din N64 och 64DD community med massvis av information och media.

Vårt mål med denna webbplats är att bygga upp den största Nintendo 64 och Nintendo 64DD databasen på internet samt att skapa en stark community med N64 fans från hela världen.

Vi önskar en trevlig vistelse på 64DD.net!

Nyheter & uppdateringar:


Custom Robo V2 on the Japanese Virtual Console

Released 10 days ago, Custom Robo V2 debuted on the Japanese Virtual Console. It is the second "Japan only" N64 title to be released on the Virtual Console after Sin and Punishment last year, which saw a western release soon after. Let's hope it will be the same this time again.

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Kirby 64 enters the Virtual Console!

Kirby 64™: The Crystal Shards: (Nintendo 64®, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): Kirby's first 3-D adventure is also his Nintendo 64 debut, and it finds the always-versatile hero battling a new enemy called Dark Matter. Dark Matter is after a distant land's powerful crystal, but a young fairy named Ribbon attempts to save it by escaping with the gem to Dream Land.
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I updated the Games and Hardware sections with some new features. Most important change first; you now have the choice to stream videos thanks to the Adobe Flash Video format (requires Macromedia Flash), or download them in better quality. I also updated the Games listings with a new look and some more search options Don Camorra suggested, like showing games by release date or region. You'll also note that subsections for a game or hardware item, which don't contain anything yet, will be greyed out, thanks to an indexing script I wrote for that purpose.

Major update to the rom release list

Ok, just a small note to let everybody know that I did a major update to the rom release list. I've basically copy/pasted about 600 nfo files to the rom database, so I hope this will be useful to someone.

But above all, we would like to thanks cliffi for sending us all the nfo files. Thanks mate !

Meanwhile, Don Camorra is currently adding box and cart scans and I'll be doing the same as well as minor additions/corrections to the global database.

Unreleased N64 ROM Releases

12/03/2007 Tommy Thunder 64 (Alpha) (U) - ind
01/29/2008 40 Winks (E) - ind