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Välkommen till 64DD.net!
Din N64 och 64DD community med massvis av information och media.

Vårt mål med denna webbplats är att bygga upp den största Nintendo 64 och Nintendo 64DD databasen på internet samt att skapa en stark community med N64 fans från hela världen.

Vi önskar en trevlig vistelse på 64DD.net!

Nyheter & uppdateringar:


64DD.net Version 3

So here it is, the shiny new 64DD.net design! It is optimized for high resolutions, so i hope you're at least on 1024x768 pixels. ;)

Along with the new design, besides many small additions and changes like the 3D game boxes, more sorting options on the games list, the updated user rating block, updated tabs and buttons etc, the most noticeable addition is probably the multi language support. We are currently working on getting the site translated to several languages. This only means the interface, though, we won't translate every review or news post, but if anyone wants to submit a review in his native language, this can be set as the featured review for a certain language.

if you are looking for the menu, this has been moved to the vertical bars on the left and right sides. ;)

We are also looking for staff members, who are interested in making gameplay videos, scanning game boxes, working on the hardware section, writing reviews or essays about unreleased games, translate the site to other languages or anything else. PM me if you're interested. :)

Pokemon Puzzle League enters the Wii Virtual Console!

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Cruis'n USA comes to Virtual Console

The arcade classic Cruis'n USA, which was also a launch title for the N64, is now available on Virtual Console to download.
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Ocarina of Time Multiplayer

see for yourselves: http://outlawer.net/bbs/index.php?topic=7.0


Custom Robo V2 on the Japanese Virtual Console

Released 10 days ago, Custom Robo V2 debuted on the Japanese Virtual Console. It is the second "Japan only" N64 title to be released on the Virtual Console after Sin and Punishment last year, which saw a western release soon after. Let's hope it will be the same this time again.

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