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With this website, we aim to build the biggest Nintendo 64 and Nintendo 64DD media and information database on the net as well as a strong community of N64 fans.

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News & Updates:


Dragon Sword 64 released!

A ROM of a beta version of the unreleased Dragon Sword 64 has been released by a generous anonymous collector. Check the included readme file (or read on) for more info.
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Ogre Battle 64 is released on Virtual Console!

The critically acclaimed N64 RPG is finally released on the Wii Virtual Console! For those who are unfamiliar, Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber is a tactical RPG featuring many possible endings, plus a genre-defining character class system.

This strategic epic has retained its place in the hearts of tactical RPG fans for more than a decade, telling the story of Magnus Gallant, a recently graduated officer of the Palatinean Army who is assigned to the troubled southern region of his native land.

There he witnesses the plight of the lower classes ľ the victims of a tyrannical ruling elite whose only thought is for the preservation of its own lofty status. With civil war brewing, Magnus is faced with a terrible choice: to betray his own noble origins in the name of liberty, or to turn a blind eye to the evils of his rotten society....
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Zelda: Majora's Mask Debug ROM released

With the help of's drx, cen of has released a Debug ROM of Majora's Mask, very similar to the Ocarina of Time Debug ROM already available. VERY nice!

You can thank him and help him making some money back by making a PayPal donation to

Release Thread


"Perfect Editor" - Perfect Dark Editor released!

SubDrag released v1.0 of "Perfect Editor", a comprehensive and exhaustive setup editor for Perfect Dark for N64 over at Goldeneye Vault.

Perfect Dark Editor Official Release
March 7, 2010 2:36 pm | SubDrag

Although surreptitiously in the beta version of the editor for months, this is notice of the official release of the Perfect Dark Editor 1.0, "Perfect Editor". The new installation package includes a link to start GoldenEye Setup Editor, Perfect Editor, or the last one used. You have a full featured toolset, although not quite as expansive as GoldenEye, but includes ability to add all new maps, clipping, and as always, setup files with guards, paths, action blocks, objectives, etc. Enjoy! As a note, in GoldenEye Quick Convert was mostly used, but in PD, Quick Inject (F7) must be used instead. Report any bugs, as although it is 1.0, it may not be perfect. You can switch modes in the editor, between GE/PD using Tools -> Switch Game. I've nicknamed it "Perfect Gold", but the monikor may or may not stick. In the coming weeks, expect tutorial updates to include Perfect Dark, videos, and more new levels.


"Downshift" Preview

Here's a preview video of marshallh's homebrew N64 racing game in development, called "Downshift". Drool!