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La comunidad con toda la información y contenido multimedia sobre N64 y 64DD.

Con esta web pretendemos construir la mayor base de datos de la red sobre la N64 y el 64DD, asi como crear una gran comunidad de fans de la consola.

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Noticias y actualizaciones:


High-Res Box Scans Update

With kind permission from Kiwi of, I've just added hundreds of high-quality box scans to the site, which were originally created for The Cover Project. Numerous manual scans are going to follow. Thanks!

Scans of Official Nintendo Space World Guide Books released

Here's a nice piece of Nintendo history for you: scans of the official guide books from Nintendo Space World '99, 2000 and 2001. Thanks go out to MasterOfPuppets for scanning the guide books, as well as gilgamesh for a generous donation towards acquiring them. Additional donations came from KillerGoD and MasterOfPuppets. Thanks!

Click any of the following images to download the respective guide book:

Nintendo Space World 99 Official Guide Book Nintendo Space World 2000 Official Guide Book Nintendo Spaceworld 2001 Official Guidebook

Batch Game Rating Script

In the user menu bar on top of the site, you can now find a link to a batch game rating form (unter the "Submit" tab). This now allows our registered users to quickly rate games all on one site, instead of having to go to each game site to submit a rating. You can rate released N64 and 64DD games as well as unreleased N64 games of which ROM dumps were publically released.

I think that user ratings are a pretty good representation of a game's quality. The more people vote, the more accurate, meaningful and important the average scores (and this site) become.

Therefore, all our current and future users are warmly invited to submit scores for the games he or she has played to fortify the reference status of and its community. Thank you!

N64 Myth Review

My review of the N64 Myth is now online and can be found here. I will update the review when I have had the time to do a bigger test with a lot of games and of course it will be updated whenever new features arrive.

New Videos

I've uploaded a lot of new videos, including three ones from the 1997 and 2000 E3 Expos, showing some never before seen footage from three unreleased Nintendo 64 Games:

Conker 64 (E3 1997) Cam Footage
Dinosaur Planet (E3 2000) Cam Footage
Resident Evil Zero (E3 2000) Cam Footage

Thanks to gilgamesh for the Videos, thanks to Jimmy for ripping those!