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Nintendo 64 ROM Release List

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No. Region Title Date Group NFO
222 Airboarders 641998/08/09scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
226 B.I.O. Freaks1998/08/14scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
240 Ken Grifey JR Baseball1998/09/15scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
249 Mission Impossible1998/09/24scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
262 F-Zero X1998/10/22scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
293 NHL '991998/11/24scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
296 Nascar 991998/11/25scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
300 Top Gear Overdrive1998/11/29scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
360 South Park1999/03/09scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
361 Penny Racers1999/03/10scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
373 Vigilante 81999/03/29scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
379 Beetle Adventure Racing1999/04/01scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
399 Rampage 2: Universal Tour1999/05/18scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
400 Star Wars Episode 1: Pod Racer1999/05/26scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
421 Quake 21999/07/01scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
436 Command and Conquer 3D1999/08/11scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
444 Shadowman 641999/09/01scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
445 R/C ReVolt1999/09/01scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
449 Pokemon Snap1999/09/02scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
451 Snowboard Kids 21999/09/03scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
458 Shadowgate 64: Trails of the Four Towers1999/09/10scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
462 WWF Attitude1999/09/13scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
478 Rugrats Scavenger Hunt1999/09/27scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
485 Super Smash Bros1999/10/01scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
515 Knockout Kings 20001999/11/08scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
534 64 Oouzumo 21999/11/24scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
552 Donkey Kong 641999/12/scroteY 'n poyZ! 
574 WCW Mayhem1999/12/19scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO
576 NBA Live 20001999/12/23scroteY 'n poyZ!NFO

Total: 29 Releases